Sit and read the Logbook for a while.

You've arrived at the  Log Cabin late at night. Unlocking the door, you find your way through the darkness and
turn on the electricity. It was a long drive up into the North Woods. A fire heats up in the woodstove at your back, the metal ticks as it expands; and a big mug of hot chocolate helps to take the chill off. Clicking on the radio, the sounds of a Big Band station cut through the static. The clementines, still cold from the ride in the car trunk, are juicy and tart. After peeling and eating one, you prepare a fresh pipe. Flipping open the Logbook to see who visited the Cabin before you, and the page falls open to some of it's many photographs. You stand and stretch, and your mind is flooded with the memories....
Honorable Mention June 2000.
Another angle.