Submitted Image
Fayette Company Store, Fayette, Michigan; An abandoned 1880's iron smelting town.
        Scene rendered featuring radiosity and volumetrics. Wall mesh in foreground and terrain mesh
were created with CoolPowers2 plugin 'Displacedatplace'- using photos of the walls of the
blast furnace in Fayette; and a custom texture for the terrain. Nope, those aren't bump maps,
that's geometry on the wall! 4 lights, 1 infinite, 2 spots; 1 volumetric, and 1 local.
125,654 vertices, 219,590 faces. Scene file is 9127 KB, plus textures (my second biggest so far)
Solution was run to 96.40%. Swap file at that time was 239 MB (didn't save solution due to
space constraints)Did not use adaptive meshing due to existing geometry.
Skydome was painted with Tom Grimes'  Virtual Light shader- what a great
new addition to my paintbox! Yamaneko DOF in the post process.
No other post processing...it's all tS. Fun project.
Thanks to all the channel rats on #truespace for comments
and advice and for putting up with my countless revisions over the last
2 months. It wouldn't be possible without your support.

Wireframe screenshot

Photographs of Fayette

The photograph that inspired me.
Old wagons; 1, 2, 3
Main Street
Rear elevation of Hotel
Old graffiti in Town Hall
Artistic license with the Hotel

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