Description: " Memorial Day"
The yearly ritual of 'opening up' the cabin for the summer usually happens
around Memorial Day. Charge the water system, sweep the cobwebs, wash the
windows, and hang the screens on the back porch that overlooks the river.
The 48 star flag represents the era when the cabin was built; in the late
'40s after the war. Also being Memorial Day, flying the flag gains a deeper
The scene required a lot of point editing in order to break up as many
straight edges as possible. Individual chinking in between the logs and
window frames also helped break up edges. Some logs were modified with
subdivision surfaces. NURBS were used extensively for the flag, the screens,
the ground, the paper towels, and the ferns.
Lighting began with the 'afternoon' presets, which was modified, along with
the addition of a negative projector light to cast 'tree shadows' (in 35a)
Scene stats: 128284 faces, 11,319 KB. Rendered with trueSpace 5.1 on an Athlon 1000, 128 MB ram, approx 1/2 hour max render time. 36 finished renders, about 2 months
working intermittently.
View close up details by clicking on the flag, the door and the creel.
View High resolution version of image here.
Now, lets take a drive and look at a ghost town and some lighthouses.