Description: Goodies by Goodale, or Torii-a-Doh-doh.
A tribute to my favorite bakery.
Shaders used: Tom Grimes' Virtual Light, Realistic Glass, Pure Reflection,
Simon Windmills' ReflectsPro, TGCloud Marble2 for the steaming coffee,
Multilayer paint flake, Darktree Symbiont.
Lighting was fairly simple; I did several ibl versions but finally settled
on one shadow casting area light, and one infinite fill light, both a 'pinky-orangeish'
color. I kept the angle low to suggest early morning. Tablecloth texture started life as one
of my flannel shirts, scanned and made seamless. The sugar probably gave me the most
trouble; it kept rendering black or 'ashy' owing to the non-transparent shadows cast by the
glass container, (which used SL2s' TG Realistic Glass.) An application of Tom
Grimes' Virtual Light shader as a layer in the reflectance channel of the sugar material
resolved this problem. I also used the multilayer flake shader on it to give a hint of its
crystalline nature. The chrome material is a combination of TG Pure Reflection and
ReflectsPro, utilizing the blurred reflection feature. The donuts are torii, of course,
surfaced with delicious powdered sugar, cinnamon, chocolate, and a clip art tex/bump map
of multicolored sprinkles. The box art is also a clip art compilation, and
pretty close to the real bakery's. I had to work from memory since I always manage to explode a jelly donut on the actual bag before it makes it home to the scanner. I realize the box
shouldn't have such sharp edges, but I liked the clean lines it gave to the composition.
Modeling utilized lots of Subdivision surfaces- the cellophane, the spoon, the coffee, the
mug, and the saucer are all SS objects. Steam from the coffee isn't particles; it's 3
deformed nurbs planes painted with TGCloud Marble2 . The effect is subtle but I thought
important. The filigree on the plate began as the always useful 'WingDings' font, turned
into a color texture, a bump map, and in the reflection channel. Yamaneko Depth blur was
used in the Global Shaders for the DOF effect.
All in all, this was a fun image to make and show. I probably spent the most
time on getting materials to look the way I wanted and adjusting the lighting.
High Resolution version here. 319k