Description: Inside the Lantern Room.
This image depicts a Fourth Order Fresnel Lens inside a Lighthouse.
The lens was constructed by laying out a
curve in the shape of a cross section of the lens. The wavy brass supports were also laid out using curves at this time, following the outline of the shape of the glass. The glass curve was then lathed; the brass curve was swept and beveled. The glass uses dielectric shading. The brass is CaliPhong with a layer of bloom. Much of the scene was constructed from NURBS, including the window frames, the I beam supports for the floor grates, the cast iron low wall, the handrails on the spiral stairs, and much of the roof structure. The curved sections of the lens surrounding the 'bullseye' are also of NURBS construction. The bullseye itself was drawn in cross section with a curve, then lathed. Phil Emery's ProTeam Architechture Course helped immensely in the construction of the spiral staircase. The grates are an alpha mapped texture, derived from a photo I took of the stairs inside the 1843 Eagle Harbor Lighthouse.  The large toothed gear was a collaboration with Kevin 'OpieJuan' Barnett; he constructed it using the 'geargen.tsx.' Lighting began with one of the trueSpace Light Library pre-sets, it looked so good only minimal tweaking was needed. 477102 faces; 369266 verts, 26 MB Scene file size.
Earned an Honorable Mention in the August 2002
Caligari Contest.

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