The Lost Toy

Tools Used: tS 4.3, tS6.5, ShaderLab2 & Symbiont.  Yamaneko DOF post process. Projector lighting. Hairplug.tsx. Micrographix Picture Publisher7.
Graphics Card Used: GeForce2 MX
Description:  The Lost Toy.
This image was inspired by a photograph I took while scouting for textures. I stumbled across a broken tricycle half buried in the weeds way out in the middle of the woods. I wondered how it came to be in such a place, so far away in space and time from it's happy beginnings. I snapped the photo, and thought little about it for a year or so until I came across the image during a backup. Being in need of a new trueSpace project, this photo fit the bill. Most of the construction is either straight NURBS or began as curves, like the forks, the fender, wheel rim and tire(lathed curves), the spokes (lofts),and the fender guard (more lofts). Subdivision Surfaces were also used extensively for various parts like the flat braces, pedals, and fork cap. Texturing took a multi-layered approach to build up the rust and crust. The background is a series of masked transparency NURB planes combined with models of leaves, grass, and moss clumps. Most, but not all the leaves were from homegrown textures. Lighting was mainly projector lights throwing photos of my back yard and an infinite for fill. Scene stats: 235260 faces, 189877 vertices, 12,302 kB file size. Render time, hmm, ' a couple hours'. In case you were wondering, render was completed early May, 2003, before Stan Slaughter's 'Left Behind' wip appeared on the Caligari Forum. It was a little bit of a shock to see another project so similar, especially one that I knew would be a winner.


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