Left Click the Icon that looks like a painter's pallete.
(Or hit Control M)

Step 1: Left and right click the Color: icon
Step 2: Choose the Color Shader labeled 'texture map'
It looks like the Caligari logo!
Tip: Right-click drag and release to quickly close Color Shaders Library.
Step 3: Left Click the gray rectangle (where the text reads "Caligari") to bring up the Texture Browser.
Right Click the gray rectangle to bring up a standard Windows file requester.
Navigate to and choose your desired texture file.

This is the tS Image Browser.
Click The Folder icon labeled 1 to browse to other folders or drives.
Click the Hammer icon labeled 2 to set browser options.
Click the icons labeled 3 to increase or decrease the texture thumbnail size.
To choose a file to use to surface an object, double click it.

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