Hand-made in 1946 on a remote riverside site.
Hunting Camp, Summer retreat, Honeymoon haven, it
has sheltered and sustained five generations of the family. 

These are renderings of 3-dimensional computer models of the Cabin.

Here are actual photos if you'd like to see those.

Along for the ride are various other 3D projects, or go here for more non-'Cabin' renders. 

Be sure to slam it shut.
Look out there.
Adirondack Chair.
Master Lock.
See the Giant Fish!.
See the Giant Bobber!.
A pumpkin radiates.
Dragonflies and Waterlilies.
Happy Birthday.
Crowded Desk.
Tin Cup Lamp.
Ruined Dock.
Have a second cup of coffee.
Skunk Cabbage.
The Acorn's Dream.
Goodies by Goodale.
Memorial Day.
Fayette Historical Townsite.
Crisp Point Lighthouse.
The Fresnel Lens inside the Lighthouse.
The Lighthouse Keeper's Tools.
The Iceboat.
This Is Not A Pipe.
Visit Pleasant Hill.
The Lost Toy
A Nice Pair.
Pandora's Box

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