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trueSpace 7.6 is now completely free- Download @ CNET here

The new forum 'home' of many tS users is now at:
Please join us there for quick answers to your tS questions,
fun modeling and rendering challenges, and general 3d companionship.

Old caliForum Archive

NEW! trueSpace Fan Site
Download the program, plugins, tutorials, visit the forums, and more.
trueSpace Video Tutorials
trueSpace tutorials and plugins
3D Insect
tS 4.x Dragonfly Tutorial
Alpha-mapping on planes explained!
Alpha mapped planes
Color Temperature Chart
Color Temperature Chart

Making a 'Skydome'
Rope Making-NURBS and Sub-Div-Surf Methods
Using Loft as a Lathe for NURBS Curves
Using Loft for closed shapes
Rail and Loft- what's the difference?
Index of Refraction for various materials
How to apply a texture map
Print sizes and render resolutions
Using Wireframe and Layer colors in tS 6.6

Using Look At and Depth of Field Post Process

Video Tutorial: Using Motion Blur to achieve Depth of Field
By Justin 'Nowherebrain' Barrett- 13 MB rar file

Series of Video Tutorials on modeling a head.
By Justin 'Nowherebrain' Barrett

Scripting an animation using a text file.
(tS7- PDF file) by 'Emma'
VRAY Material Tutorial
 by caliForum user 'Emma'; 41 page PDF file

How many polygons are in my scene?

tS6.6 UV Mapping Editor Tutorial
by Reiner "Tiles" Prokein

Using the UV Editor
Video Tutorial by "Graysho"
UV Cow Tutorial and link to more free stuff
UV Mapping with UV Cow
Available @ UVWorx
More UV Mapping helper programs:

Headus UV Layout - UV Mapping Tool

Ultimate Unwrap 3D- UV Mapping Tool

UV Mapper Pro- UV Mapping Tool

Standalone UV Mapping Editor
Now, back to more tutorials:

Using trueParticles to create grass
by Augusto 'Prodigy' Michelis

Building an eyeball
by Steve 'Madmouse' Britton

freeCP- Suite of Coolpowers plugins for tS3 through tS6

Free LUUV Importer/Exporter for OBJ files and .MTL files
Using LUUV to Load other object formats
A LUUV Tutorial

Building a light array

Building a texture using Dogwaffle

Using Deformation objects

Building a tire with treads using SDS

Build a coil around a torus with array tool

Fun with NURBS 101

trueBlue's Amazing Repository
Scripts, Tools, Widgets, etc.

Steine's Baker's Dozens Links Page

Anthony Ware's mini-tut on using the Shell Tool & strutting.
Download free Shaderlab, Primal Particals, MotionStudio Pro
Get them (all free!) Here
Primal Particles, MotionStudioPro, Shaderlab2.4

Jon Koehn's main site
-and his tutorials-:

Sunlight- Light library and COB files

Simulating fire in tS4.x

Creating ShaderLab Shaders Video Tutorials

Control Your Extrusions
(Flash tutorial on axis tools)
By Richard Kurbis

Creative 3D list of trueSpace Video Tutorials

Susan Lee's Tutorials
The Mother Of All tS Resource Sites!
Lunadude's Tutorial page

Design Devil's tS pages- 6.6 manual, SDK, tutorials, etc.

Main Lunadude Page

Getting Started with Motion Studio
A comprehensive tutorial by
Frank Ladner

Getting Started with Skin Modifier
How bone deformation and facial animation
can be done on a single mesh
By Frank Ladner.

Converters, NURBS tools, and more.

Caligari's trueSpace Video Tutorials on YouTube
(thanks to Clinton Reese)
tS Depot Tutorial Archive
8.6 MB Zip file; collection of PDF trueSpace tutorials.

(hat-tip to forum user 'Cellulo' for retrieving these from the Wayback Machine)

trueSpace Wikipedia
Caligari WebSite Video Tutorial Archive
Draise's Tutorial Archive of the video tutorials formerly on the Caligari site.

Turbosquid Tentacles Plugin
Buy, Sell your creations right from trueSpace!
It's a site to see!

trueSpacers at Deviant Art
Pull on into the garage!

CK Game Factory- tS Plugins
(now archived)

Emmanuel Asset's TSX Archive Project
Free DX shader pack for tS
The Parva Project- Free DX Shader Pack for tS
subdivide an irregular plane
GeneG's Violet (tS4)

tS4 Bones

tS3.1 in 5 Minutes
Quick web rundown of all the 3.1 icons
Renderosity's generosity!
Renderosity tutorial roundup.
(something funky going on at renderosity so good luck finding tuts)
Character Modeling by Bay Raitt
The following links are for some useful tools for textures and galleries.

Give Windows the ability to display TGA thumbnail images with ThumbPlug TGA

Crazy Bump Normal Map Generator

'Editor' by pixlr.com -free image editing right in your browser

TextureMaker- Texture and Normal Map Creation Tool

Porta- Image Gallery Generator

Simple Viewer- Airtight Interactive

Wink- Tutorial Generator

PTgui - Panorama Stitcher

WWW Unit Converter

Free Image Utility

The GIMP Image Utility

MapZone Texture Creation Tool

My stuff:

'The Cabin' Renders

More 3D Renders


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